Natural Mole Removal

Many people have moles on their body that causes them discomfort and they would like to remove them. But because most moles are not considered a medical emergency, normal health insurance providers do not cover the cost of removing them, so an expensive mole removal surgery is out of the question.  You can either choose to live your live with them, or try natural mole removal remedies that are both inexpensive as well as effective. Most natural mole removal procedures can be done at home and do not require you to visit a doctor’s office, but it is advisable to consult with your dermatologist before starting the process. That’s because there are a small subsets of moles that are considered dangerous because they are cancerous and they need to be removed by a specialist. Usually a flat mole can be removed using natural mole remedies – such as mole removal creams or natural ingredients – but if your moles are more raised and bigger and look more like skin tags we urge you to visit a doctor before trying any mole removal remedies. That being said, let’s review some of the most common mole removal procedures available:

Natural Mole Removal Remedies

-The best way to remove mole naturally is to use a 100% natural mole removal cream. Such creams have been specially engineered to include all the natural ingredients needed for mole removal and do it much faster than any of the other natural remedies listed before. This is because they combine the power of all the other remedies and the process has been optimized for the faster results. Nature remedies are great, but combining the top natural remedies with a little bit of modern medical advancement and you get even better results.

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If you are looking for a more advanced solution to ensure you get rid of all your moles, then we recommend you the Ex DermaTend Ultra , which can remove up to 15 moles and you get to see results in as little as 8 hours.

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- One of the oldest and best known natural ways to remove moles is to use Tea Tree Oil. This is very easy to do and works well in most of the cases, which is why it’s one of the most popular solution. Simply use a cotton swab dipped in Tea Tree Oil a couple of times per day to apply the oil to the mole area. You should expect to see some results after a couple of weeks, when the moles falls of if you applied this technique consistently. This method is considered very safe as tea tree oil has virtually no negative side effects.

-Using castor oil is another great natural alternative to tea tree oil for mole removal. It takes similar amount of times to see results – a couple of weeks at least – but by applying the oil daily at least a couple of times you should be able to reap the benefits after several weeks, when the mole shrinks significantly or drops off entirely.

-If you do not have access to the aforementioned oils easily, there are other natural ingredients that can make mole removal at home a breeze. One such method is simply using honey. Before going to bed, apply some honey on the mole and around the area, then cover it up with a bandage. You should do this daily – usually once per day before going to sleep – and see the difference in time.

-Another popular natural mole removal technique is using apple cider vinegar, which can be easily purchased from your local supermarket. The acids in vinegar dissolve  the mole tissue, but they also dry the area around the mole if left unchecked, so most people use a touch of petroleum jelly to protect it and ensure there are no scars left after the procedure has taken place. Usually it takes weeks, sometimes even months before you are able to see results from this technique, in line with the other natural mole removal remedies

-A viable solution to mole removal at home is using onion juice. If you apply onion juice consistently on the mole, you can expect to see significant results after only a couple of days. This is a natural remedy that has no side effects, regardless of where the mole is located.

- Using a natural mole removal cream is probably the best way to remove moles at home. In a subsequent article we are going to go over the most popular mole removal creams available on the market and their effectiveness so keep your eyes out for that. But before , you should just be aware that although natural mole removal remedies have no side effects, they usually take quite long to see results compared to a mole removal cream, that is stronger as it combines multiple natural ingredients for optimal results.

Patience is key when trying to remove moles at home using natural remedies. This is not a quick solution with instant results, but the piece of mind you get from ensuring that you have a perfect skin is well worth the effort.

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